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Positioning a boutique bicycle brand in the luxury sector — Vickers Bicycle Company⁠

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No, we’re not taking you for a ride here ⁠– we really are talking about luxury bicycles. crowww. helped Vickers Bicycle Company take the bike to new heights with a timeless yet modern brand identity, pitch-perfect copy, partnerships with leading names in luxury and an international PR activity.

A startup, handmaking city bikes, Vickers Bicycle Company combined century-old manufacturing techniques with the latest materials and technologies. But when the bike is often seen as little more than a commodity, can it really become a luxury item?

It was time to put a new spin on the bike.

A New Classic – Combining beautiful visuals & strong copy.

Framing fortune

Counter-intuitively, Vickers’s ideal customer wasn’t “cyclists” but those who like the finer things in life. Following comprehensive consumer & sector research, we drew inspiration from luxury car marques, high-end fashion and product brands – rather than other bike companies.

We paired powerful product imagery, playful copy and smart font combinations allowing us to present Vickers’ traditional way of doing things in an undeniably modern way.

Attention to detail was key.

From the strikingly simple brand identity that stayed just the right side of hipster-chic, to the clever copy that capture the brand’s tone of voice and spoke to customers, and the razor-sharp product photography that elevated bikes from the everyday to the heroic.

The Vickers logo gave a modern treatment of a heraldic symbol
“Traditionally made for the modern world”
“Classic style fitted as standard”
A brand brought to life in product & lifestyle promotional materials

Seen in all the right places

We knew it was important for a fledgling luxury brand to be seen in all the right places. We built relationships with leading names in the high-end fashion & luxury sectors ⁠— Richard James Savile Row, Charles Tyrwhitt, and Brooks England.

Putting Vickers in front of the right people and positioning the brand in their minds.

Getting attention in Richard James Savile Row shop
On the photo shoot for Charles Tyrwhitt’s 2014 catalogue.

The relationship built with Richard James Savile Row was especially productive. Vickers created a bike – the Sundown Town – inspired by a Richard James suit, celebrating the arrival of the 2014 Tour de France in London. Earning a huge amount of media coverage and attention for the brand.

A website banner promoting the Richard James Savile Row partnership
The Sundown Town in Brooks England’s flagship London store

_Braking_ news

The final spoke in the wheel was a programme of PR activity that earnt Vickers coverage in top-tier national and international press.

We placed features on both The Times and Forbes websites and in magazines across Europe, the US and Asia. Coverage on leading luxury and fashion sector websites built both brand awareness in key markets and a powerful link profile for SEO purposes.