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A powerful story & sparkling personalities — Helping LEJoG Sisters raise awareness of their charity fundraising challenge

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How do you help a small, charity fundraiser stand out from the crowd in an incredibly busy market? We distilled a powerful story – capturing two sparkling personalities – and communicated it consistently.

Sisters Dawn Stakounis and Sharon Atkinson are two amazing women. Since 2015, they’ve pedalled their way around the UK and western Europe raising 10s of thousands of pounds along the way.

Behind their fundraising adventure is an incredibly moving & powerful story.

LEJoG Sisters - Dawn Stakounis & Sharon Atkinson riding their bikes. Dawn is giving a thumbs up.
LEJoG Sisters – Pedalling their way to raising 10s of thousands of pounds

In 1989, when he was just 6, Dawn’s son Christopher died of an inoperable brain tumour. It’s his memory and a desire to help other childhood cancer patients and their families that inspires the sisters to continue their fundraising.

Now both in their mid-60s and with aches & pains catching up with them, they’ve decided to do one last big fundraising ride. So, in May 2023, they’ll ride the 1,000 miles from Land’s End to John o’ Groats raising more money for Children with Cancer UK.

So when they asked crowww. to help raise the profile of their challenge, how could we say no?

A LEJoG Sisters Brand Asset created by crowww.

Creating a memorable hook

We started by distilling their story to its essence to communicate a simple, powerful & consistent message across all their marketing activity.

From here, we created a memorable hook – the LEJoG Sisters – that both captures the crux of their challenge and who they are, while also making it easier for people to recall them and their challenge and to increase the chances of discovering their challenge online.

Underpinning this is a distinct visual identity – for both digital and print – that pops wherever you see it.

LEJoG Sisters Route Stamp

Sharing a human story

At its heart, this is a human story ⁠— our design & language choices must reflect that. So, front & centre are Dawn & Sharon – appearing on all assets & speaking directly to their audience through all written communications.

We used a bright, fun & playful colour pallet of pinks & blue – reflecting the sisters’ cycling clothing – pairing it with bold yet softened fonts.

Conversational copy sparkles with Dawn & Sharon’s personalities but doesn’t shy away from the impact of childhood cancer.

Punchy, colourful social assets help them cut through their followers’ busy feeds. And we’ve encouraged the sisters to embrace video content to better share their personalities and build stronger, more meaningful, connections.

PR activity shared the sisters’ story with media outlets across news sites, blogs, social media, radio & television.

Finally, a dash of search engine optimisation – putting the right keywords in the right places – helps their site be discovered in search. Go on, give it a go – Google “lejog sisters” or the broader “lejog charity” and take a look at the search results.

While it’s early in their fundraising journey, they’re on the road to hitting their fundraising target.

Find out more about the LEJoG Sisters

Just a note, we’ve been working pro bono to help Dawn & Sharon. We’d hate for you to think we’re monsters.